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Professional Animal Rugs & Taxidermy Mounts in Kennewick, Washington

Preserve your game and improve the look of your home with animal rugs and taxidermy mounts from Mountain Man Taxidermy in Kennewick, Washington. We offer rugs, life size, head, and shoulder mounts for large game like deer, elk, cougars, and bears.

Elk - Animal Rugs - Taxidermy Mounts

Rugs & Mounts

Display your game any way you like. From rugs to full-body mounts, we try to do a little bit of everything for our clients. We build all of the bases rather than ordering them, so you can get a custom base that fits your mount perfectly and look great wherever you decide to put it in your home.

Overall, the taxidermy process takes six to 10 months. We skin and dry the animals before sending them to the tanner, who keeps them for about three months. Once the hide is returned, we stretch it and get the measurements so we can mount it, dry it up, and send it off to its new home.

We mainly do mounts and rugs for bigger-sized game, and we will not do small animals or pets. While mounts can be a beautiful and interesting addition to your home, nothing will ever truly capture the essence of your beloved pet.

For more information about our beautiful animal rugs and taxidermy mounts, contact us in Kennewick, Washington.