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Simple Taxidermy Cost & Price Guide for Kennewick, Washington

Receive an estimate of what your mount or rug will cost with the taxidermy cost and price guide for Mountain Man Taxidermy in Kennewick, Washington. All prices are estimates, and the final price depends on the size and type of animal as well as the type of mounting you would like.

Shoulder Mounts

Elk: $900 Deer: $450


Life Size

Bear: Starting at $2,000 Cougar: Starting at $2,000



Cougar and bear rugs are charged by linear foot (laid out from tail to nose) at $200 per foot ($900 miminum). Call and tell us the size of your animal for a better estimate of the total cost of your animal-skin rug.

Half Life-Size

Pricing for half life-size mounts depends on the type and original size of the animal. Estimates can be given over the phone upon request.

Contact our Kennewick, Washington, location for more information about our professional taxidermy cost and detailed
pricing guide
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